Self-Defense Will Give Peace of Mind.

The world is a dangerous place; it is NOT the same place where we grew up. Here are some chilling facts:

  • If you live in the suburbs, a pedophile or registered sex offender probably lives within one mile of your family. If you live in an urban environment, the pedophile lives much closer.
  • One in three women and one in four men will become the victim of violent crime in his or her lifetime.
  • 73% of violent crime occurs within five miles of the victim’s home.
  • A robbery occurs every 59 seconds.
  • A rape occurs every six minutes.
  • One out of every 100 households will have an automobile stolen and 2% of them will be by carjacking.
  • More than 35,000 children are forcibly abducted each year.
  • One in 12 women are stalked at some time in their lives. Last year, nearly 1,007,000 women were stalked.
  • 80% of all restraining orders attained against stalkers are violated.

Given these statistics it is critical that we safe-guard our children and families against harm. Parents must know the basics of self-defense and how to teach self-defense to children. Kids should learn the “red flags” that signify an inappropriate conversation or a potentially dangerous encounter.

For example, have you told your child that adults never ask children for help? If an adult asks your child for help, she needs to know that is a warning to get away. Does your child know how to make a scene? Have you taught her to yell and scream, kick, scratch, bite, and strike at the body’s vulnerable parts. Does she know that you will not get mad at her if she yells, “Get away you are not my father! I don’t know you!”, if she feels threatened by a stranger?

Teach your kids street smarts, and how to remain alert and tuned-in at all times. Don’t be in denial. When we grew up, it was safe to walk home from school, to the local YMCA or to a friend’s house. It was safe for four-year olds to play in the yard or ride a bike down the side walk.

Not today.

Please — make sure you and your kids are prepared. You can purchase our self-defense kit, or enroll your kids in a martial arts school. Be prepared and you will give a gift to yourself and your family that will last a lifetime.


Love your kids up one side and down the other! Elena and Cari


4 Responses to “Self-Defense Will Give Peace of Mind.”

  1. samantha Says:

    I have watched all of those reports on dateline and I can’t believe how many pedophiles there are out there on the hunt for our young kids. We can’t lock our kids up until they are 40 so what is the answer.

  2. EmilyS Says:

    I really think that we need to teach our kids early. Before kids I thought that it would be too traumatic for kids to hear about the dangers in the world but now I want my kids prepared in case they come up against scary situations.

  3. FrankD Says:

    When I was 10, my family moved to a new state. I was the classic short fat kid, and paid the price. At school one day, 4 kids, about 14 years old, jumped me, one with a knife. They threatened to “carve me up.” Thankfully, a teacher was nearby and got help and probably saved me from at least some serious injuries.

    At that point my parents enrolled me in a self-defense class. I’ve literally devoted my life to understanding strength and self-defense.

    But you can learn the basics quickly — enough to learn common sense to avoid situations and what to do if you have to get away. Even young children can learn to make a scene.

    But we parents need to recognize that self-defense should be part of education these days — like reading, writing, and math.

    Do something. Your kids will thank you later!

  4. Sonya Says:

    My mother warned me recently about a new thing called grocery store stalking. Men wait in the aisles of the grocery store and when the mother steps away from her child to get something off a shelf the stalker just walks away with her child. Don’t take your eyes off of your kids even for a minute!

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