Results of the Moms on Edge Parenting Survey

We received an overwhelming response to our parenting survey. Thank you for your insightful and thoughtful answers.

The information that you gave is really interesting. Some answers we expected and some surprised us.

We were thrilled to hear that the majority of you said that playing outdoors and reading to your kids are your top ways of spending time with your children.

Discipline is your number one stressor.

Listening and sibling fighting tied for the most difficult parenting hurtles, and again these were the concerns that you would like to hear the experts address. You would also like to hear some advice about sleep habits (getting kids to bed and rousing them in the morning).

With regard to parenting tools, you put time-outs, visiting internet parenting sites, and watching Supernanny at the top of the list.

We both nodded in agreement and then chuckled about the next two answers. The vast majority of you label yourselves as “The Negotiator” when describing your parenting style. The next question asked about your ideas for making your life easier as parents, and you said over and over again, “Stop Negotiating!” And “Be Consistent!” Go figure!

I read the responses to our last question first, “What is the best part about being a parent?” Your answers were a joy to read and the reason we started Moms on Edge. Here are a few; get your tissue ready:

– Knowing that you have experienced the greatest miracle, joy and love that is humanly possible.

– There are so many “best parts” that is hard to name just one! Watching my eldest grow into a sensitive kind child makes me melt inside. Having my baby look at me like I am the only person in the world also gets me, too!

– The sweet things they say or do, watching them grow and change, knowing that they need me and love me very much, getting to relive a part of my childhood through them.

– That moment in the morning when my baby awakens, our eyes meet, and we are madly in love.

– Everything!

Thanks again for all of your great responses. The thought that you put into parenting your kids is inspiring to us as both parents and designers of parenting products. Love your kids up one side and down the other.

2 Responses to “Results of the Moms on Edge Parenting Survey”

  1. Faith Says:

    I am “the negotiator/I want consistency parent”! The days are long in my house and I don’t want to be saying no all day. What do I do?

  2. WendyN Says:

    I hate to be the mean one. My husband is at work all day and then gets to play when he gets home, but by then I feel whipped and just want to finish out the day so I negotiate everything. It is easy to say be consistent but much harder to do.

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