I was having one of those days.


I was one of the “Moms on Edge” that we (at Moms on Edge) sympathize with.  The kids were fighting, the house was a mess, I was late getting dinner together…I was losing my cool.


“I need a time out!” I said to myself. 


To my kids amazement I pulled out The Original Naughty Spot and placed it on the floor of my family room.  I announced, “Mom’s having a time out. For five minutes I am just going to take a breather.”


I set the timer and we all sat in silence for five minutes.


After the timer beeped my kids asked, “What did you do wrong Mommy?  Why were you in time out?”


I explained to them that time outs are not always for disipline but they can also be a nice time to just be quiet, sit still and take a break. 


I felt rejuvenated and able to handle anything that came my way for the rest of the night.


When my husband came home from work, the kids had the mat out and the timer set. They asked, “Dad, do you need a time out?”


This little experience has taught me that I can change the mood in my house. A time out can work both ways.


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