About Moms on Edge

moe-logo.jpgWelcome to our Moms on Edge blog. The multiple award winning  Moms on Edge designs, manufactures and sells creative, fun and easy to use children’s behavioral games, toys and parenting aids. Moms on Edge products easily solve the everyday parenting issues that all parents experience like problem bedtimes, sharing, potty training, time outs, manners, bathtime, behavior modification and grocery shopping. Our very popular The Original Naughty Spot was given a big thumbs up from the Discipline Doctor when it was featured on The TODAY show. We receive hundreds of e-mails thanking us for providing our great products and helping families solve their normal childhood behavioral issues.

Moms on Edge also sells a private label, handmade, luxury bath and beauty line designed exclusively for busy moms. We are committed to supporting the entire family and know that if mom doesn’t take time out for herself, she won’t have enough for everyone else who loves, cherishes, appreciates and desperately needs her.

Etiquett Moms at http://www.etiquettemoms.com is our manners training certification program site. We have created a wonderfully creative curriculum for teachers, moms, and other educators who would like to earn some extra income while teaching children etiquette. The program is complete with scripted conversations, games and activities and a marketing manual.  Visit http://www.etiquettemoms.com to learn more about the program.

Our blog is our way to offer more than just our products to you parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends of children. We offer you parenting tips, movie and book reviews, surveys, Ask Moms on Edge, weekly menus and more to make your experience with kids easier and more fun. It is also an opportunity for you to share your ideas, thoughts, problems and solutions around raising kids.

So check in a lot, (we add new material all the time), put in your two cents, and forward us to your friends.

Always remember to love your kids up one side and down the other!

Elena Neitlich

Chief Mom on Edge


7 Responses to “About Moms on Edge”

  1. Ranela Says:

    Hi Cari and Elena,
    You guys are so creative! I love the stuff you have. I’m sure pretty soon, I’ll be ordering because my son will be old enough to appreciate your products. Good luck and Much success to your Moms on Edge company!

  2. Christy Says:

    I just happened across this site and thought it is wonderful! I have two kids and find that we all need a little help sometimes.

    Thanks for the work. I hope that you update soon.

  3. David Kloser Says:

    Hi Elana and Cari –

    I saw your article on Sportmanship! I wanted to pass on to you a baseball book on life lessons I wrote that your audience might enjoy. It’s called “Stepping Up to the Plate: Inspiring Interviews with Major Leaguers”. I’m a youth league coached & I interviewed over 300 MLB players about succuess, handling teasing, respect, overcoming mistakes (errors, striking out…) qualities of an ideal and undesirable teammate… It’s turned into a great parenting tool – parents and player messages are similar. Anyway, I just wanted to pass that on to you.

  4. kristin howe Says:

    Today on the Today Show I saw a time out pad with a unsmiley face on it and a time attached but when I got on your website, I could not see where to purchase it. Please advise me.

  5. mabris Says:

    thanks for the motherly care.
    you hold the future of many littleones.

    unitas in Domino,

  6. mabris Says:

    would you send me a copy of the 11 parenting tips?

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